Basic Mission 11

One thing that you may have noticed is that whenever you refresh the page you get a new song name, this may seem random but it’s not and with a little bit of googling you’ll notice that these songs were performed by elton john. Now that we know that, we have to find how the music collection is organized on the server, after many tries I found that the songs are organized in letter by letter directories, trying all the different possibilities is a waste of time because we already know where to look for our password, it’s in but when you get there, this directory may seem empty, but actually it’s not, there is a hidden file in it and it’s named “.htaccess”, this file allows a directory level configuration of the web server (In this case Apache).

When you open the .htaccess file ( you’ll see this interesting instruction:

Now head to

answer = somewhere close (which means ‘somewhere close’ is the password).

So now head to and give the password as “somewhere close”.

Submit your anwser and the “go on” link will appear, you have completed the 11th basic mission.

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